The recent ransomware attack at A2 Hosting which took down Windows hosts across the globe illustrates why it’s a bad idea to host your website and email on the same server or with the same provider. An outage like this can leave you without a functioning website as well as without access to your companies email for a lengthy amount of time. Your search engine ranking can take a serious hit if your website is down for any length of time.

Hosting your website and email with separate providers would allow you to get the word out that your company is still in business. This also illustrates why having offsite backups and even your domain registrar separate from your web host are important.

If your businesses livelihood is dependent on e-commerce you could easily suffer losses in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars let alone damage to your reputation and lost clients.

According to the article, A2 Hosting is making great strides to restore customers websites and databases.


Key points to consider.

  • Never host your website and email on the same server or provider. For email, Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365 are two popular options.
  • Having access to an offsite backup as well as your domain registrar would allow you to restore your site to alternative hosting as well as point your domain at the new host.
  • Search engine ranking can take a serious blow in an extended outage.
  • The potential for lost revenue, sales opportunities, and your reputation.
  • Even a host with a good reputation can fall victim to a cyber attack.

Give Pixel Agility a call to discuss your plan in the event of a hosting attack.

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