Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can I expect to pay for my website?

A: It all depends on the size, complexity, and features of the website. After going through a discovery process with a potential client we will submit a project proposal outlining the features along with the project investment. A custom 4-5 page brochure website typically starts at $2989 and can go up from there depending on the project scope.

All new websites include:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • One year of web hosting
  • One year of Maintenance Subscription coverage includes:
    • Weekly/Daily backups
    • Security protection
    • Updates & security patches
    • One hour a month of client supplied content updates

Features that can increase the cost of a website:

  • Additional pages
  • Additional premium plugins
  • Shopping carts
  • eCommerce
  • Membership websites
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Completion timeframe

Q: After my website is delivered, how do I get assistance if needed?

A: We are just an e-mail or phone call away. Your new website comes with one year of Maintenance Subscription coverage which includes up to one hour a month of website updates.

Some examples…

  • Need to add a new service to your Services page? It’s covered.
  • Need to add or remove a team member from your About Us page? It’s covered.
  • Need to add a new blog post or news article you wrote? It’s covered.

Q: Does Pixel Agility offer web hosting and domains?

A: Pixel Agility now offers web hosting with our Maintenance Subscription plan.

We don’t offer domain registrar services but we can assist you with obtaining a domain name should you need one. A quick note about searching for domains. Don’t go searching for a domain name unless you are prepared to purchase the domain right then and there, you may find it’s no longer available if you decide to purchase it later. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Q: Can you guarantee that my website will be at the top of the list during a Google search?

A: No! Pixel Agility cannot guarantee that your website will be at the top of the list during a Google search. Beware of any company that makes such claims as search engine rankings are dependent on a lot of factors and the formula is constantly changing. Mobile responsiveness, page load speed, and content play into Google’s search engine equation. Content is king! Fresh relevant content plays huge into search engine rankings.

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