Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can I expect to pay for my website?

A: Well that all depends and there is no set answer because there are a number of variables such as the type of hosting plan, required paid plugins, themes, and the number of pages, etc. Once we have determined what is required to deliver your website we will submit a proposal with the total investment to deliver the website.

Q: After my website is delivered, how do I get assistance if needed?

A: We are just a phone call or e-mail away. All websites delivered by Pixel Agility come with a 2-month Website Maintenance Subscription. If you elect not to extend the Website Maintenance Subscription then any future updates and fixes would be billed at an hourly rate.

Q: Will I be able to edit and add my own content?

A: Pixel Agility will provide basic training and documentation as specified in your contract. Page content such as that found on say your Home, Services, About pages, etc. can be a challenge and sometimes requires CSS code to achieve the desired effect. Blog posts are a little easier but you need to be careful when uploading pictures. Uploading and using high-resolution uncompressed pictures straight out of your DSLR or even your smartphone can cause your blog articles to load slowly. We find that most times clients prefer to have us edit and update their content as they are too busy running their business. Limited content editing and updates are included under our Website Maintenance Subscription.

Q: Does Pixel Agility offer web hosting and domains?

A: Pixel Agility’s core business is web design, development and maintenance. We will guide you through the process of acquiring hosting and or a domain should you require such assistance. We recommend SiteGround for hosting to all of our customers as we run our website on SiteGround. Quite frankly most clients don’t know what to do once they logon to their hosting account. Pixel Agility will handle all the scary options in your hosting plan if you have a Website Maintenance Subscription with us or if you contract us to do work for you. We will also set an alarm for your hosting and domains approaching expiration as well.

We believe that customers should own their own hosting account as well as their domain. While we’d like to keep our clients forever, the reality is business relationships can change over time for various reasons. Owning your own hosting and domain account makes it easier to transition to another web design/development company should the need ever arise.

Q: Can you guarantee that my website will be at the top of the list during a Google search?

A: No! Pixel Agility cannot guarantee that your website will be at the top of the list during a Google search. Beware of any company that makes such claims as search engine rankings are dependent on a lot of factors and the formula is constantly changing. Mobile responsiveness, page load speed, and content play into Google’s search engine equation. Content is king! Fresh relevant content plays huge into search engine rankings.

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