Our Process

For any website development or redesign project we go through a process to come up with the best solution that suits your organization.

Step 1: Consultation

This is a short 15–30 minute video or phone meeting to determine if we are a good fit for your website project. We’ll run through a short questionnaire to determine:

  • A description of your business, how long have you been in business
  • Challenges your business is currently facing
  • What you want visitors to accomplish or what action you want them to take
  • What pages do you think you would want, such as Home, Services, About, Contact, etc.
  • What kind of budget have you put together for the project
  • Estimated or required project completion date
  • Do you have a domain, hosting, or an existing website

After the meeting a project estimate will be put together and e-mailed to you for your review as well as any other key decision makers. The estimate will be a price range. Upon acceptance of the estimate, we can move on to Discovery.

Step 2: Discovery

Using a longer questionnaire, a longer call (approximately 1 hour) would be conducted to fully scope out the project so that we can provide a project price. Some of the information we would gather is…

  • Key decision makers other than yourself
  • Current marketing strategy, social media, print ads, etc.
  • Current branding if any, logos, colors, tagline, etc.
  • The website’s target audience and what does it need to provide them
  • A deeper dive into the kind of pages you would require
  • How will you measure the website’s success
  • Your three main competitors
  • Websites of three businesses in your industry, what do you like about them, what don’t you like about them
  • Website styling you prefer, modern, classic, bold, peaceful, etc.
  • Do you have existing content or would you need assistance with content
  • Would you require assistance with SEO

We ask a lot of questions here because we must to come up with the right solution.

Step 3: Solution

A project proposal is created outlining the best solution based on the discovery process. The proposal includes the following…

  • Snapshot of where your business is today and where it is going
  • Business needs: What specifically the website needs to accomplish
  • Who is the businesses target audience and what does the website need to provide them
  • Project timeline
  • Website features such as contact form, mailing list sign-up, shopping cart, events calendar, etc.
  • List of recommended webpages
  • Estimated costs outside the scope of the project such as domain registration/renewal, required software licenses or subscriptions that Pixel Agility does not posses, stock image search and acquisition.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, a contract would be generated that references the signed proposal. The contract would also include…

  • Payment schedule with design reviews
  • Completion date
  • Both parties’ responsibilities, disclaimers, and limitations
  • Hosting and Website Maintenance coverage details
  • Copyrights

Step 4: Wireframe

We build out a wireframe on our development server which is purely a structural representation of the website devoid of any design or styling.

The wireframe would give you a feel for the website’s menu and page layouts. Typically, filler text and notes would be included as to what would be going on a page or what content is needed from you.

When the wireframe is complete the first review meeting would be scheduled to discuss any required changes. From here on the website would be available for you to view its progress. You would be required to supply the website’s content (text, photos, graphics, etc.) at this time.

Mobile device testing is done from this point forward.

Step 5: Design & Development

Upon approval of the wireframe, we would move into the design and development phase, fonts and colors would be applied. We would style out 2 -3 pages and once complete we would schedule the second review meeting to discuss any required changes before moving forward.

We would apply the design elements to the rest of the website.

  • Forms, links, and any other required features would be made functional
  • Cross-browser testing would be conducted to ensure the website renders correctly with modern day browsers
  • Images would be optimized
  • Mobile device testing would continue

Upon completion of design and development the third review meeting would be scheduled to discuss any minor changes required before moving to the testing and delivery phase.

Step 6: Testing & Delivery

This is where we attend to the final details and ultimately your website’s launch.

  • Transfer the website to a live production server
  • Map the website to your domain
  • Enable SSL Certificate
  • Do a final run-through to make sure things like forms and links are working
  • Submit website to search engines
  • The website will be viewable to the public
  • Congratulations you are on the air!

Remember all new websites come with one year of hosting and Maintenance Plan coverage so we have you covered in regard to any content updates you supply us with.


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