I am happy to announce that Pixel Agility now offers Super Fast VPS Web Hosting included with our Maintenance Subscriptions. After an extensive search and evaluation process, I have finally selected a web hosting solution that I can entrust our own websites with, as well as our customers’ websites.

Super Fast VPS Hosting ensures that your website loads fast regardless of the visitor’s device type providing them with a good experience. This is important because your visitor may not always be using a fast broadband connection, you also have to take into account visitors who may be on a slower mobile data connection. Removing any kind of latency from the equation is always beneficial.

Key Features

  • VPS-Virtual Private Servers with dedicated resources ensure that your website is not affected by “noisy” neighbors’ websites
  • SSD – Solid State Drive storage allows for super-fast data retrieval of your webpages
  • WordPress caching and web application accelerator allows for super-fast page delivery
  • Dedicated Firewalls and Bot Protection filter out many threats such as malicious traffic, brute force attacks, and DoS – Denial of Service attacks
  • Free SSL certificate tells your visitor’s web browser your site is trusted
  • Offsite backups are stored securely in a separate location from your web server

If you have any questions about our Super Fast Web Hosting along with our Maintenance Subscription please feel free to reach out to me.

Let Pixel Agility take the stress out of your website’s maintenance so you can focus on what you do best.

John Marra – Founder


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